Teaching Kids Emotional Intelligence

"Hold emotions as sacred." Sounds good, but how? Read on to learn more about five things you can do to teach emotional intelligence in your home. Meltdowns, tantrums, hitting, biting, screaming, crying, demanding. There is not a parent on the planet who does not feel triggered when their kids find themselves stuck in their brainstem, where FLIGHT, FIGHT and FREEZE rule the day.

Good? Bad? Who knows?

When we move past labels like good and bad, we step into the power we have as adults to not just punish or praise children, but to teach, guide, and encourage them --- transforming stressful moments into the moments that bind us.

How to Get Kids to Listen Without Yelling

If you are parenting a strong-willed child, it’s likely that each and every time you attempt to exert your authority, your child responds with some sort of resistance. Ignoring you. Defying you. Engaging you with back talk and banter.