When I Stop Trying So Hard

"Why can't I get this?!?" I lower my tired arms, hands dropping into my lap with defeat.I stop. I sit still for maybe the first second that morning. I'd been rushing all morning. I'd rushed (more than usual) to get my kids out the door to school. I'd rushed (more than usual) to get back home. To get to the next thing... This moment. This lesson. How is this my life?

Parenting by the book. Don’t do it.

The first few years (decades?) of motherhood are hard. Wanting to feed, love and help this adorable little person grow the 'right' way fills any new parent with all consuming questions, the answers to which seemingly allude you alone. And the questions other people ask --- ohhhh the questions. "Is he sleeping through the night?" What the hell does that matter? Worst. Question. EVER.