Make Your Own Produce Wash Recipes

Whether you buy organic fruit and vegetables or not, it’s good practice to get in the habit of washing your produce.  Cleaning off residue, dirt, sand and other ickies can make your meals as healthy as possible.  The FDA recommends washing fruit and vegetables before eating them to reduce surface bacteria and prevent food borne illnesses.... Read More »

6 Tips For Battling Winter Dry Skin Naturally

My legs start to look like a molting snake in the winter time. Gross right? You’re welcome for that imagery.  The combination of dry heat and dry cold winter air can dry you out as if you were living in the desert. Over the years I have managed to figure out a few ways to combat winter... Read More »

The New EWG Verified Seal of Approval

In case you haven’t heard, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has always been a source of product analysis and has an online rating system for skin care and body care products (EWG Skin Deep Database) which has been a valuable resource for us as consumers and as conscientious shoppers. I have not always agreed with... Read More »