Babo Botanicals Swim & Sport Collection (Giveaway!)

Down here in Georgia, school is wrapping up, weather is getting warmer and we’re outside a lot.  Preschool is official finished for the year and public schools are finishing up next week.  That means it’s almost officially summer vacation! Swimming! Outside! Beach! Car Trips! Lightning Bugs! In celebration of getting the new Sunscreen Cheat Sheet […]

Little Ears: They ARE Listening

We were driving to dinner and my three year old son asked, “Mom, can I have an E-F-H?” Dad and I look at each other. “A what???!” “An E-F-H…” he repeats in a do-you-pinky-swear-you-won’t-tell-anyone?!?! sorta whisper. And with that, I get it and laugh hysterically, interpreting for my husband. Our astute child is SPELLING out [...]