The First Years Magna Light Travel System Plum

The First Years Magna Light Travel System Plum

The Magna Light Travel System includes the Magna Light Stroller and the Via Infant Car Seat. The lightweight magnesium Magna Light Stroller offers one-hand fold and unfold, full-recline positioning for baby, and weighs just 14 pounds! The “Sedan-Ride” Stroller offers a full recline, smooth ride and looks great on walks around the neighborhood – but at 14 pounds, doesn’t strain your back when you lift into the back of the mini-van or trunk. It’s one stroller that meets ALL of your needs!

The Via Infant Car Seat will keep your baby safe and secure. It features a multi-beam back frame for added reinforcement and triple-layer padding that will give your baby superior comfort. The Via Infant Car Seat also has deep side wings for side impact protection and a full EPS foam liner. And for mom and dad’s comfort, there is a uniquely designed comfort carry-right handle.

Stroller Features:

  • One-and fold and unfold…no bending over
  • Full recline so baby can lay nearly flat
  • “Sedan Ride” four-wheel independent suspension wheel system with metal posts will last for years, push wonderfully, and ride smoothly for your baby
  • 5-point safety harness and thick padding provides a comfortable, safe ride for baby
  • Stands when folded to protect the cleanliness of the fabric and avoid scratching plastic parts
  • Rotating handle for comfortable pushing – for taller caregivers too
  • As you rotate the handle down, the person pushing the stroller can move further away from the stroller, helping taller people maintain a comfortable stride length
  • Adjustable handle, tray for baby and parent tray
  • Metal steering posts deliver high-quality tracking and a smooth push with no “shimmy and shake”
  • For children 4-40 lbs.

Car Seat Features:

  • Uniquely designed comfort carry-right handle
  • Multi-beam back frame to reinforce structure
  • Triple-layer

    User Ratings and Reviews

    5 Stars This stroller rocks!
    First, let me say that I am a mother of 4 children. My first three were all very close together, so I haven’t been in the market for a stroller in a while. However, #4 was a sweet surprise, so I needed to buy pretty much everything all over again. This was difficult simply because I had loved my Graco City Lite set I bought in 2001.

    I did lots of research. My main issues are that I can’t stand a big huge heavy stroller and I wanted a drink holder. This stroller is perfect – not too heavy at all, yet not an umbrella jobbie. It has a great cup holder, though an oversize drink will not fit. No worries, though, because there is also a tray which can accomodate diffent size items. With 4 kids, I drive an Expedition and with the 3rd row in, there isn’t much room left in the way back. The stoller takes up most of the space. But, I can tell you that the full size strollers won’t let the door close…and you better be in shape if you’re lifting 35+ pounds up into the vehicle each time! The stroller has been great both reclined and now as my son begins to sit. The 5 point harness in the stroller helps hold him in place nicely. Again, the stroller is big enough to hold him, the diaper bag and my stuff, as well as small enough to manuever through stores easily.

    The other BIG pro I loved about this set was that the carseat has, hands down, the best infant head support I have seen out there. Most of the carseats come with a ring piece, but this one has thicker padding on each side of the head. The result? No nodding, floppy head on my newborn! Now, there is a negative about the carseat which my husband wants me to mention and that is that the seat does not sit in shopping carts very well (the small part where bigger kids sit). The latching mechanism at the back is in a high spot and when you put the seat in the cart, the seat is leaning way back. I have not found this to be an issue, but it bothers him.

    The seat has a very comfortable handle – the wide corners make carrying the chair in the crook of your arm possible and painless. I also love the colors. The pictures don’t really show how rich the colors look.

    Overall, this stroller has exceeded my expectations and I just wanted anyone checking it out to know how happy I have been with it. I was nervous when I ordered it because there weren’t many reviews, but I haven’t looked back once with regret on this purchase 🙂

    4 Stars Love the seat, mixed feelings about the stroller
    I was reluctant to purchase this item without being able to try it out in a store, but the seat is one of the highest rated and no local stores seem to carry it. I am glad I took the chance. I love the seat. It is simple to use, has a lot of padding as compared to others I’ve seen, is very light in comparison to others, and I love the colors. The stroller, however, isn’t as rugged as I would expect. It does have trouble locking closed for when you travel with it, you have to remove the umbrella to get it to completely close. The wheels seem to be a little flimsy so I can understand some of the bad reviews for wheels falling off or not working well. I have not actually used the stroller yet, so I don’t have much input of my own to add for actual experience with it. It is simple to add the seat to the stroller and the seat seems to sit in there pretty securely. I figure for the price I paid on Amazon, if I decide to buy a more rugged stroller, it isn’t going to break the bank. I absolutely love the seat though, so I definitely recommend the product, but be aware that the stroller may not be a long term use item.

    5 Stars Great except two things….
    I researched alot of strollers before deciding on one. What made up my mind was the color and all the safety features it has like the 5 point harness, padded car seat, adjustable handle and locking wheels. I read all the reviews on this before I bought it and saw that a lady commented on the fact that if you place the carseat in a shopping it will sit high, not quite the case. The car seat has no groove for the shopping cart seat to snap onto it therefore making it extremely unsafe for the car seat to be on the child seat. In fact it shows on a warning lable on the side of the car seat that you should not place it on a shopping cart seat, but instead, inside the basket. So that is one thing I’m bummed out about. Another is the storage basket. It is decent in size but it’s only held on to the wire down there by nylon that is strapped around the four corners. So, needless to say if you put too much in the cart the nylon will eventually give and there’s no way to fix it. Overall, I do love it and it’s a great travel system but if you ask me, the maker could have improved on those two things!

    5 Stars Great Travel System!
    I love this system….it is easy to maneuver, light and the car seat goes in and out of the base with ease. I recommend this system.

    5 Stars Really lightweight and operates one-handed!
    Very high quality material, and very comfy for baby.

    Harness on carseat and stroller is easy to use and get baby in and out of. Easy to unfasten carseat from base and place in stroller. Easy to move base from car to car. A baby head insert is included, and I used it until my child turned a year old- it kept her neck from falling to the side while she slept. Although the carseat doesn’t lock into the stroller, it sits fully in the stroller cockpit and so is very secure.

    The stroller is surprisingly versatile- I’ve taken it on rough dirt paths and it was still easy to push and very stable. The height adjustment feature of the handle was great for my husband and I.

    My two tiny complaints are that the tray is positioned really far forward (to accommodate the carseat I imagine), making it not very useful as an on-the-go snack and drink holder, as my child is just starting to be able to reach the area at 1 year (while she’s strapped it). Also, the adult drink holder is really small- just big enough for a 16oz water bottle or soda (I always drink from a 20oz so its annoying).

    Howver, all complaints are forgotten when you realize that it really IS super lightweight and has one-hand operation: I can hold my child in one arm (or the carseat when she was small) while I fold up the stroller. With a little pull against my hip, the stroller halves lock together. Then I can grab the perfectly located handle on the side and slide it into the back of my car (yes with one hand and no I’m not a weightlifter :). I take it out with the same handle, set it down (it stands up on its own vertically- great for storage and for one handed use). Then a little pull unlocks the halves and a snap of the arm fully extends the stroller and its ready to go!

    On a recent trip I borrowed a Graco stroller. I thought the Graco had a better-designed cockpit- my now year-old baby’s legs dangled comfortably, and she had great access to the tray, all while being buckled in. Also, the cupholder is larger and can fit more types of vessels. The storage accessibility and capacity is about the same on the two types. However, the Graco was a bear to get into the trunk of my car- the thing was extremely bulky, the halves didn’t lock together and the thing laid on the ground like a huge heavy lump that I had to wrestle inside the car- no way I was holding my child doing that!

    So. Although the Graco has a few little design features that I like better, I would chose my First Years 100% of the time- the one-handed feature and quality construction can’t be beat, and its a great price to boot!

    The plum is a great color too- not too flashy, a true, nice looking plum!

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Safety 1st Aerolite Travel System Orion

Safety 1st Aerolite Travel System Orion

Safety 1st AeroLite Travel SystemThe Safety 1st AeroLite Travel System features the onBoard 35 Infant Car Seat that can hold a child rear-facing from 5-35 lbs!. There is an extra 17% leg room in the car seat, 5 point harness with up-front adjustment, and infant head support. This car seat features 4 harness heights and 3 buckle positions to fit your growing baby. The car seat is also equipped with side impact protection. The ultra compact 1-hand fold ‘n stand stroller has a large multi-position

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Great Travel System
This is a great travel system because its VERY light compared to other systems and the car seat goes up to 35 lbs.! The colors are lime green and brown (a bit brighter in person~and trendy for mom) and the fabric is soft yet easy to wipe clean. The size of the system is also great for small cars (we have a Honda Civic). Also, when the stroller is folded up, it is so much smaller than other ones I’ve seen. To me, this makes sense over the Graco 32 and 35 Snugrides because it is less money, not nearly as bulky (stroller and carseat are lighter and more narrow), and the fabric can be wiped up right away (plus, its really cute). The basket under the stroller is plenty big, and the cup holders are always nice. I also like how the car seat handle is shaped. It is curved so you can fit it nicely in that nitch by your elbow, and the actual handle isn’t so wide making it really easy to get a good, comfortable grip on it. As far as putting it together, the wheels were a little tricky, but no big deal if you have standard tools. Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone. Its a newer product, but I can’t find anything to complain about. Its awesome! And I’m a really picky person!

5 Stars Awesome system
I bought this exact travel system in the same pattern. I love it! The car seat, so far, has the tallest shell, out of infant carriers. It was extremely easy to install in my Sienna with latch. The strap adjuster is in the front and it’s very easy to adjust. I had no problems with the chest clip. Very, very easy. This carseat would be wonderful for preemies or smaller infants too. The car seat itself is plush and soft, unlike other brands which seem to have no padding at all.

The only cons i have for this product is:

Carseat canopy is too short. You would probably have to add a small blanket to keep the sun out of their eyes.

Stroller closes down, but does stand upright on it’s own.

Stroller canopy is also shorter than on other brands.

These are minor and arent deal breakers for me. The car seat is extremely safe, which is why i bought the travel system. Dh liked the stroller b/c its smaller than full size strollers. My 2.5yo loved it! Too bad it’s not hers. The assembly was easy. I did it on my own. I think the hardest part was putting the pins in the back wheels. It was doable though.

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Peg Perego Si Stroller Corallo

Peg Perego Si Stroller Corallo

The compact easy folding stroller that s a breeze to take everywhere baby goes With the Peg Perego Si you get a compact stroller that weighs just lbs sports adjustable handles and accepts nearly any infant car seat In short the Si has it all To add to the perks Peg Perego throws in parent favorites including a cup holder a rain cover and a canopy with a viewing window

User Ratings and Reviews

1 Star horrible stroller
I wish I had read this review ,in fact I this review shd go as a warning on the stroller packaage ,my daughter is a petite light weight 3 yr old and still this functions exactly like this Mr.Roland Wooster says.I agree with 100%,dont buy it

even locking the front wheels does not do the trick

4 Stars Excellent stroller
I have owned this stroller for several months now. After looking everywhere, I decided that this was the best fit for my requirements: lightweight, easy to fold up and down, excellent/large shade, large storage area in the bottom basket, recline for napping. It is everything that I wanted. The only problem I have had is that the front wheels wobble a bit when I push it too fast. I called Peg Perego and they sent me some replacement parts which help the problem some but it is not completely resolved. Overall, I would still purchase it again. Plus, my daughter seems to really like riding in it!

3 Stars Good, but lots of flaws
Everything good you’re reading about this stroller is good. However, some of the flaws are really annoying:

1) The bag sucks. Period. You cant put anything in it without it dragging on the floor. We’ve basically ruined it in one day, b/c of this.

2) The shaky front wheels- design flaw or safety feature? Dunno, but having the wheels flutter annoyingly when you want to go fast sucks

3) The handles- cheap plastic

4) Not a city stroller. 3 years after I bought a MacLaren Techno, it was finally ready to replace. It lasted. This one doesnt seem like it will make it through 1 summer. I’d probably spring for the Techno again.

2 Stars For walking around malls only!
Sure this stroller looks great and everyone gives it great reviews, but beware: it only performs well on very even surfaces! I’m used to walking a lot with my child (in the city) and this stroller just kind of rattles on, jigging my child’s bones in the process. VERY unsatisfying. It’s not easy to steer with one hand at all and when you do, the other handle rattles obscenely.

So, great stroller to leave in your car and go to the mall (great recline, fold, basket etc.), NOT the ultimate stroller by any standard.

1 Star Flimsy, Broken wheels – Expensive
I will make this short and to the point. I bought this stroller after doing MUCH research – liked that it was lightweight, attractive, and the ONLY one of its kind I could find that would work with the carseat. I wanted to avoid the snap and go. It is our SECONDARY stroller – I keep the BOB in the car – so this has gotten VERY little use and wear and tear. BUT you wouldn’t know it since the front wheels when on swivel option start to vibrate and shake the entire stroller as you go. I then MUST lock the wheels which make getting it to go anywhere impossible. The handles when extended are very flimsy and shaky as you push as well. The basket under the stroller has a small tear that happened after only a few times with use – and there was VERY VERY little in it. A big disappointment for a lot of $ !!!

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