Go Go Kidz Travelmate

Go Go Kidz Travelmate

Airplane travel with a toddler can be a challenge, but with the Go-Go Kidz TravelMate, navigating the airport becomes a piece of cake. The TravelMate is a car seat attachment that allows it to be wheeled with ease through the airport, with your child safely belted in. So, rather than carrying your child on one arm and a bulky car seat on the other, you can breeze through the airport with less hassle. It is designed for use with most convertible or toddler car seats, for babies and children up to 50 pounds.

The Go Go Kidz TravelMate offers:
  • Easy car seat attachment makes traveling with toddlers easy
  • Lightweight, compact design won’t cramp your travel style
  • Compatible with most widely available convertible or toddler car seats

The Go-Go Kidz TravelMate is compatible with a variety of convertible/toddler car seats.
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How It Works
The Go-Go Kidz TravelMate quickly and easily attaches to most convertible or toddler car seats. It has 5-inch wheels and a telescopic handle for easily wheeling your child in his or her car seat. Since the FAA strongly recommends that children under 40 pounds use a car seat for air travel, the TravelMate saves you the hassle of hauling your car seat — and your active toddler, plus all your gear — through the airport. The TravelMate’s wheels detach easily for passing through airport security X-ray machines. The handle features four-position adjustability, ranging from 28 inches to 50-1/2 inches for maximum versatility. And at only five pounds, the TravelMate won’t bog you down if you’re trying to travel light. In fact, it makes a compact package: it folds flat for easy storage, measuring just 28 x 17 x 5 inches (H x L x W) when closed and 50-1/2 x 17 x 5 inches (H x L x W) when open.

Safe and Secure
You can rest assured that your child will be safe and comfortable while you whiz through the airport with your TravelMate. Its wide, rubber wheels provide a stable, smooth ride, and it is designed for compatibility with most widely available car seat models.

Award-Winning Innovation
The Go-Go Kidz TravelMate has received many awards, including the 2006 JPMA Innovation Award; the iParenting Media Award for Greatest Products of 2006; the Best Product of the Year for 2006 from Fit Pregnancy; and the Preemie Cool Stuff Award.

Go-Go Kidz TravelMate Compatibility
The Go-Go Kidz TravelMate is compatible with most widely available car seats, including:
  • Britax (Advantage, Boulevard Decathlon, Diplomat, Freeway (UK Version), Marathon, Regent, Roundabout, and Wizard)
  • Cosco (Alpha Elite Apex Booster, Alpha Lux Convertible, Alpha Omega, Alpha Omega Elite, Alpha Sport Vantage Booster, High Back Booster, and Summit High Back).
  • Eddie Bauer (Deluxe 3 in 1 Convertible, High Back Booster, and Summit Booster)
  • Evenflo (Big Kid Booster Car Seat, Chase LX, Generations Booster, Harness Booster seat, Titan Deluxe , Titan V, Tribute VLX, Tribute 5 Delux, Triumph, Triumph Advanced LX, Triumph Advanced DLX, and Vanguard)
  • Fisher-Price SafeVoyage
  • Graco (ComfortSport, Nautilus 3-in-1, Platinum Cargo Booster, Toddler SafeSeat (step 2), and Treasured CarGo)
  • Maxi Cosi Priori
  • Recaro Como Convertible
  • Safety 1st (3-Phase and Enspira)
  • Sunshine Kids (Radian 65 and Radian 80)

  • Note: the TravelMate is not compatible with the following seats: Britax Parkway Booster; Combi Koluk High back booster; Cosco Scenera; Graco Turbo Booster; Safety 1st Intera; and Recaro.

    User Ratings and Reviews

    1 Star Broken twice in 4 trips
    We have had the problem of ours breaking repeatedly. Once the wheels came off (yes, probably from somewhat rough handling) and the replacement piece cost us $20 from the company. Recently – with ginger-handling – a bolt came off while on our trip. While it is replaceable, it is so frustrating. Needs to be sturdier.

    5 Stars great for airport
    we have the Britax Marathon car set and it works great with it. makes traveling through the airport much easier.

    5 Stars Frequet Traveler
    I’m a flight attendant and I, obviously, travel a lot. To keep this short and sweet I’ll just say this saved my life! Traveling alone, 5 months pregnant, with 2 bags and a 1 1/2 year old was so ridiculously simple when I put his car seat on this that I thought I was dreaming. My son sat in the car seat while I pushed him in front of me and pulled the bags behind me. It navigates amazingly. Turns sharp and the wheels don’t get caught. It is very sturdy if you tighten the strap enough.

    The only down side (which is totally worth it considering all the trouble I’d have to go through without it) is you have to take it off the car seat for it to fit through the security screening conveyor belt. At least with my car seat. It was too big to fit through the opening attached.

    Other than that it was amazing! BUT IT!!

    5 Stars Great Item. Awesome
    This item saves a lot of time and energy traveling through the airport with a toddler. It is also incredibly easy to attach.

    5 Stars The BEST travel device for traveling with a child (especially with no help)
    I’ve used my GoGoBabyz now for about 7 airline trips. I could probably sell these directly to the people who always ask me about it as I’m cruising through the airport with my little boy who is now 3. I own two backpack carriers, a bjorn, another backpack toddler carrier, child “monkey leash”, etc.

    THIS is the BEST product for traveling with a small child or baby. I can literally pull a bag and push this with my child in it at the same time, with one hand. I’ve rolled as many as 3 suitcases along with the GoGoBabyz.

    Best thing that works for me when I travel solo with my son…. I bought a second car seat (Craigslist). The night before each of my trips I attach the GoGoBabyz to the extra carseat and put it in the car. That way I don’t have to worry about geting his regular carseat out along with all of my other luggage when I get to the airport.

    I roll my son in the carseat throughout the airport and check the carseat at the gate. Then pick it up when we land. You can also easily pull off the GoGoBabyz if you want to take the carseat onto the plane.

    This device is the BEST thing to travel with when you have a small child, especially if traveling without your spouse or help. An excellent baby shower gift too!!

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    Toddler Coddler Car Seat Pillow Stop the slump! This is truly a slump buster. The Toddler Coddler Pillow provides correct support for a sleeping child while traveling. It is one of the best versions of car seat pillow on the market. Parents love promoting good posture with the child right from an early age. This baby car seat pillow from Toddler Coddler is a great investment which not only comforts child, but helps improve their body too. The Toddler Coddler Car Seat Pillow has been endorsed by chiropractors for good spinal health. The car seat pillow is very soft and comfortable for the child’s resting head, neck and sides. Parents will love to look back and see zero in the slouch department. The Toddler Coddler works safety with any forward facing car seat or booster car seat. All that’s needed is a headrest or seat back. Perhaps the greatest feature of the car seat pillow from Toddler Coddler is that it does not inhibit the function of the car seat. The Toddler Coddler Pillow is a Parenting-Mom Pick as a winnder of the iParenting Media Award for Best Products for 2004. The Toddler Coddler Car Seat Pillow is also a proud recipient of The National Parenting Center’s 2005 Seal of Approval.

    User Ratings and Reviews

    5 Stars Great Item
    I used this for my daughter who always falls alseep in the car and has her head dangling all over the place. It works GREAT! Her head actually stays in the right position and she sleeps better… which is a plus!

    1 Star Does not fit Britax Roundabout carseat
    I bought this for my three yr old and it does not work at all. We have the Britax Roundabout carseat and there is not enough room for the pillow. I returned it.

    2 Stars Doesn’t work well with certain carseats
    When my son was in a convertible car seat which was tilted back slightly and had head/side wings, this pillow worked well. It was propped well enough to support my son’s head when he took a nap. But when we had to switch him to a straight-back booster seat that had shallow head wings, this pillow was not usable at all.

    5 Stars No more slumping head for a sleeping toddler.
    It does what it say it will in our Graco Frazier car seat. Great product!

    2 Stars Probably not worth it
    I ordered this product for my 3 year old who just moved into a toddler seat and had head slumping problems! The two major problems with this product is that 1.) it’s quite bulky, and so her head would tend to fall forward anyway, and 2.) check if it will fit in your carseat. I have the apex toddler seat that is quite wide, and you can’t leave the pillows in place, they stand up at a 45 degree angle. I attached elastic to the bottom in order to fix them to the plastic that holds the seat pad in place. This works, but obviously only if you’re sitting next to them when they fall asleep! Other than that you’d have to stop the car, get out and attach them, then go again, by which time the child is probably awake anyway! To be honest, I haven’t seen a better alternative yet though. It’s quite good to pull around and use as a pillow for your own head on long trips though!

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