Flip Potty Disposable Travel Potty 1pk 3pk 6pk Single

Flip Potty Disposable Travel Potty 1pk 3pk 6pk Single

The new Disposable Potty – Potty flip provides supremely efficient potty training for parents on the go with it’s incredibly easy assembly.

Disposable Potty – Potty flip is a great travel potty or portable potty and very easy to conceal in a purse, diaper bag, vehicle, etc.

Keep one in the glove compartment of the car. Keep a spare in your diaper bag for playtime emergencies or while at the beach, lakes or parks.

To use the Disposable Potty, all you have to do is assemble it, fold it back up, and dispose of the whole potty. No mess, no fuss. Use a clean new potty each time.

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Clek Olli Booster Seat Blacktop

Clek Olli Booster Seat Blacktop

clekTM olliTM Booster SeatolliTM is an award-winning clekTM belt-positioning booster seat designed and engineered to help keep your precious cargo safe. olliTM provides comfortable, portable, secure seating for today’s family on the go. The clekTM olliTM booster seats are designed with an integrated rigid LATCH system to deliver both the safety of LATCH and the convenience of uncomplicated installation, features typically at odds with one another. The clekTM olliTM booster seats are designed and engineer

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars A booster with rigid latch = A+ safety

I’m really pleased to have found a booster seat that has LATCH. The Clek Olli is one of the top rated boosters by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety; that’s what brought this brand to my attention. I originally purchased a regular (evenflo) backless booster. I disliked how it could rock and slide on the seat even though my child exceeds the height and weight minimums and the seat was properly installed. I also didn’t like that the seat had to be belted in when the child isn’t in the car. Otherwise, it could become a dangerous flying missile in a sudden deceleration. Since this Olli booster is for my husband’s car (not one that the child is in daily,) it seemed better to have a seat that would utilize the LATCH system. The Clek Olli installs one-handed in about 4 seconds. You can hear the seat click into place. The armrests help guide the auto’s seatbelt into proper position. My child says that the seat is comfortable and when we specifically asked about the seat bottom, he says it feels good. After researching Magna Clek, my next purchase will be a Clek Oobr to replace a Britax Marathon. I’d recommend this seat to friends. I think that the extra price is worth it for the peace of mind of a booster with rigid LATCH.

5 Stars Great Seat
These are the best booster seats and well worth the money. Do not hesitate if you are booster searching and come across the Clek Olli Booster, this was new for us and we do not regret getting one for each of our 2 children which are still using them at ages 6 and 8, children weighing about 50lbs each. So easy to put in and take out, Love it!!

5 Stars easy to install !

We now have 2 Cleck Olli seats for the grandkids . They are easy to pop in and out–and I am an old guy(80) who has

spent years cursing car seats—so this a whole new world ! The loop in front that releases the seat is a plus.

5 Stars What a wonderful product!
Since the law has changed that requires children to be in a booster seat for a longer period of time I was searching for a seat that would be comfortable as well as safe. I know I wouldn’t want to sit on a piece of hard plastic with just a thin pad to buffer so I began my search. The Cleck Olli seat has exceeded my expectation because it is not just comfortable, it is perfect during the winter months because it is warm – unlike the cold plastic of seats you purchase from mega-stores. It is also durable and I love the fact that it “clicks” into the bars that are in the seats of whichever vehicle you are driving thus providing a safety feature beyond compare.

4 Stars LATCH system for your growing child
I am a mother of a two; I purchased the Clek Olli because of its simplicity and LATCH capibility.

My daughter said one day..’Mom I am too big for my car seat I think.’ I wanted a LATCH system for

the booster seat and the Clek was my choice.

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Joovy Big Caboose Stand On Tandem Triple Stroller Black

Joovy Big Caboose Stand On Tandem Triple Stroller Black

Bring the whole family! Families with three young children will love Joovy’s Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller – how else could one parent take three children out at once? The Big Caboose is easy to use and it includes two full size seats with canopies, two child trays and two foot rests – and your third older child can ride on the patented rear platform. If you have multiple children, this will be the first stroller you will use that gives the child in the middle seat ample room.

If the standing child tires, they can turn around and rest on the padded rear jump seat. THis stroller also includes two universal car seat attachments that accommodate most of the major brands of car seats. The Big Caboose has a huge storage basket below and sealed bearing wheels to help you push heavy loads.


  • Comfortable two-position front seats
  • Accommodates children from 6 months to 40 lbs.
  • Deluxe rip stop nylon fabric
  • Deluxe harnesses include reflective stitching for night time safety
  • Two removable canopies with ratcheting adjustment
  • Deluxe rip stop nylon fabric
  • Removable Child Trays and Universal Car Seat Adapters
  • Each child Tray has two cup holders
  • Universal Car Seat Adapters fit most major brands
  • Adjustable padded rear seat allows standing child to take a rest
  • Foam covered handles for child to hold onto while he stands
  • 3-point harness on rear bench seat
  • Patented rear platform allows child that is at least 2-1/2 years old to stand
  • Foam covered handles for both parents and rear standing child
  • Large storage basket under seat with elastic sides for easy access


  • Back Seat and Platform: 2.5 years and up, up to 45 lbs. and 40″ tall
  • Front Seats: 6 months and up, and up to 40 lbs.
  • Assembled Dimensions: 21.5″W x 55″D x 44.25″H/li>
  • Folded

    User Ratings and Reviews

    4 Stars Wonderful, but…
    I have 3 children. (3, 1, and 1) I needed a stroller to fit my needs. My children fit wonderfully in this stroller and are comfortable. It has all of the attatchments you need in order to fit 2 carseats on it.

    One downside is that when loaded with 70 lbs. of children in it… it gets a bit hard to push! This is understandable though!

    I am in love with this stroller and I will forever be thankful for it!

    5 Stars great way to move three kids at once
    we have twin girls and a little boy who are 18 months apart. we started using this stroller when the girls were around 5 months old. I have received sooooooooo many wonderful compliments on this stroller when I am in public. Everyone wants to know where I purchased it. It is a little heavy, but you have to remember that you can move three children on this thing at once, so it needs to be heavy to be sturdy. I have tried other double sit-n-stand strollers, and they feel so flimsy compared to the Joovey Big Caboose. It has plenty of room under the seats to store stuff, you just have to manuver larger items around the back seat’s foot rest. I would recommend the key-coffee cup neoprene holder that attaches to the handle. Easy to put together and take apart once you’ve done it a few times. I am a pro now that I’ve been hauling it around with me everywhere! I have a Honda Pilot and it just fits in the trunk behind the back seat. The best part is that I can fit on even smaller elevators in the malls and I don’t have to look for a service elevator like I would with the side-by-side strollers. Would definitely recommend to friends with small children. Great investment for us.

    1 Star Worst Stroller Ever
    Having three children under the age of 5, I finally decided to get a triple stroller. I have probably had 10 different strollers over the past five years, ranging from $20 umbrella strollers to $500 Peg Perego strollers.

    I couldn’t convince myself to pay $1,000 for a peg triple, so I did some research and found this stroller. I ordered it to take on our 4th of July trip to Universal Studios. Before hitting the parks, we fortunately stopped at my sister’s house and then walked to a local park. This is where I learned how horrible this stroller is!

    My children are 24, 27 and 30 lbs. All very much under the recommended weight limits for the seats. However, the wheels flattened when the children sat in the stroller. This stroller will not turn. At corners, you have to lift up the entire back end of the stroller (which requires the child in the back to get out) and turn while only on the front wheels.

    The “seat” in the back is ridiculous. The child has to lean forward because the back of the 2nd row seat is literally on top of the 3rd seat. I moved the 2nd seat-back; I moved the 3rd seat back and forth to no avail.

    I am returning today. Hopefully I will get a full refund from Amazon.

    3 Stars It fits them but no usable storage….
    Having a double/triple stroller is great but it is big barely fits in the back of my Mini-Van. It has a huge storage basket on the bottom but it is hard to get anything in or out of it. It doesn’t come with a cup holder for parents. I think there should be shoulder straps on the sit and stand seat, if the child wants out of the seat they can get out easily. But for the price you really can’t beat it.

    4 Stars Wish it were shorter somehow
    For having 3 children under 3, we definitely needed this stroller. Easy to maneuver and operate. The only factor we didn’t account for was the length of the stroller when folded up. It barely fits in the back of our SUV. Before purchasing, be sure there is enough trunk/storage space to accommodate for length.

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KidCo Baby Steps Food Mill with Carrying Case 1 food mill

KidCo Baby Steps Food Mill with Carrying Case 1 food mill

Prepare food for your infant in its purest, most natural form. Make healthy snacks and meals for your child, whether at home or on the road. The Food Mill ensures that your growing baby eats only what you want him to eat. Strain or puree fruits, vegetables and more, separating seeds, bone and skin. Hand-operated; no batteries or electricity needed. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean comes with a carry tote for easy transport and storage.

User Ratings and Reviews

4 Stars excellent for restaurants, trips, etc….
This grinder is very good for restaurants, trips…. instead of buying tons of baby food jars, or cooking while you are away from home or vacation, you can use this item

it is great for fruits, and I also like to use it for rice + vegetables or rice + lentils

I dont think you can grind meat or chicken in it, but you can grind fish

it is not excellent for everyday use, it has its limitations, however, I highly recommend it. I am very happy with my purchase. And for the price, you dont have to think twice. Totally worth it

3 Stars Great!
Have only used a few times but can’t wait until my baby is older and she can share our dinner. Works great thus far.

5 Stars Great food mill!
I use it for my baby when traveling =) very portable and no need of battery is a plus of course =p

4 Stars nice little food mill
The good: It works well and does exactly what I bought it for: pureeing food from the table at home and while traveling so I don’t have to deal with jarred food. I’ve used it successfully on peas, all kinds of fruit, pasta, rice, cooked carrots and brussels sprouts. I’d recommend it.

The bad: I need to stick a fork in one of the holes in order to take the top off. I need a dishwasher or veggie brush to clean the holes. The crank started wobbling after a few uses. It doesn’t puree meat.

1 Star I wish I could return it
I enjoy making baby food for my son, and this seemed like a great tool. Unfortunately, it basically is junk. I cooked carrots and put them in the mill, which stained immediately (so I can’t return it). It was nearly impossible to push down to get enough pressure to grind the carrots without another pair of hands, so my husband ended up helping me. A stick blender is much, much easier.

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