Philips Avent Small Nipple Protector BPA Free

Philips Avent Small Nipple Protector BPA Free

Philips Avent Small Nipple Protectors

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Helped me continue with breastfeeding!
The first few weeks of breastfeeding can be very difficult and sometimes painful. This product helped me continue breastfeeding through cracked and sore nipples. Now I buy this product for all new moms who want to breastfeed.

5 Stars Very helpful
I found these very helpful when my baby had not yet learned to latch on properly. It saved me hours of pain. I would have loved to know about this product before so I could have used them with baby no.1

4 Stars Better Than Nothing When You’re Desperate
The baby doesn’t like the feel of them, makes an awful face at first like she’s chewing on something rotten. Once she gets enough milk coming out she will suck on it, but it slips out a lot if you don’t watch it. I have an issue with them staying sealed, the edges like to flip up, but these at least have the squared design with cut outs. Much better than the rounder models which I had an issue with because they kept flipping up over her nose and suctioning on, interfering with her breathing. Still have to work to keep them sealed and in her mouth, making it a pain, cause I only have two hands to position her with. They also make an annoying sucking noise sometimes. Overall, they are a savior, because she goes through a growth spurt every few weeks and seems to forget how to feed. She gets franticly hungry and clamps down before I can completely shove it all in her mouth. Her bite pressure is horrible and she cracks the upper base of my nipples when I try to latch her on. These help maintain a barrier that relieves the pressure and friction so I can prevent or heal any wear.

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Britax Chaperone Stroller Cowmooflage

Britax Chaperone Stroller Cowmooflage

Designed for use with the Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat and other major car seat brands, the Britax Chaperone Stroller (Cowmooflage) offers innovative design features for safety and convenience. Packed with parent-friendly features for extra convenience, this stroller is appropriate for children from six months old up to 55 pounds, or for infants weighing four to 30 pounds when used with the Chaperone infant car seat.

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Chaperone Stroller
At a Glance:

  • Age/Weight/Height Requirements: When used with an infant car seat, baby must weigh 4 – 30 pounds; when used without an infant car seat, baby must be at least 6 months old and weigh up to 55 pounds
  • Warranty: Limited 1-year warranty

Ideal for:

  • Who: Parents and caregivers
  • What: Providing a safe, convenient way to transport baby in a stroller that is customizable and easy to maneuver
  • Where: Running errands, walking in the park, at the playground
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Britax Chaperone Stroller (Cowmooflage)

A retractable canopy blocks wind, rain, and harmful UV rays. View larger.
Britax Chaperone Stroller (Cowmooflage)

The child tray keeps snacks, sippy cups, and toys within your child’s reach. View larger.
Britax Chaperone Stroller (Cowmooflage)

Safety and Comfort Features
Ideal for parents and caretakers seeking a safe, comfortable stroller, the Chaperone Stroller features a five-point harness and all-wheel suspension. The harness offers three height positions for your growing child, while the all-wheel suspension provides a smooth, comfortable ride.

For additional versatility, the three-position recline and adjustable calf rest allow you to tilt back the stroller’s seat when your baby falls asleep during a long walk. An extra-large retractable canopy with a visor blocks wind, rain, and harmful UV rays from reaching your child’s sensitive skin.

Convenient Features for Adults and Children
It’s easy to fold the Chaperone Stroller, thanks to its unique one-hand fold design and automatic chassis lock. The stroller folds and stands in place while folded to minimize occupied floor space and to keep the seating material off the ground. A one-foot, one-motion brake locks and unlocks both rear wheels with a simple press of a single foot pedal. The ergonomically-designed handle allows you to quickly adjust the handle height and allows for effortless steering with just one hand.

The oversized, under-seat storage basket is perfect for holding diaper bags, purses, and grocery items, and can be accessed even when the seat is reclined. The Chaperone Stroller features both a child and parent tray–the child tray is useful for storing snacks, sippy cups, and toys, while the easily-accessible parent tray is ideal for storing your keys, wallet, and two large drinks.

Travel System Compatible
For ultimate convenience, the Chaperone Stroller is compatible with the Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat, so you can go from the car to the store without having to remove your sleeping child from his or her infant car seat. The Chaperone Stroller is also compatible with other major infant car seat brands when used with the Britax Adapter Strap Kit, including: Britax Companion, Chicco Key Fit, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, and the Graco Safe Seat.

Easy to Clean; Available in a Variety of Styles
The Britax Chaperone Stroller is made from durable materials and is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. It’s available in a selection of distinctive patterns, including Cowmooflage, Red Mill, and Savannah, to fit your style and taste.

The Chaperone Stroller is backed by a limited one-year warranty.

What’s in the Box
One Britax Chaperone Stroller and instruction guide.

User Ratings and Reviews

2 Stars I love Britax, but this one was disappointing…
We bought & loved a total of 5 Britax car seats. With our 2nd son I saw the new Chaperone line was coming out around the same time he was due so I pre-ordered the infant carrier seat & stroller. I now know why you should never buy something without testing it out first at a local retailer. The stroller is very heavy & EXTREMELY CUMBERSOME. The folding “process” is ackward. You need to first lift the tray up (our’s has a faulty latch that doesnt release properly), then pull a strap on the seat (which isnt so bad), BUT then the seat folds outward so where the baby sits is exposed (our other stroller -a Combi- folds inward so the seat is protected when traveling). To me this is bad designing. The basket at the bottom has a bar that flips down & ours sometimes drops on it’s own (not enough tension in the spring???). It is also very difficult to lift over a curb, etc. by pushing down on the handle. There’s nowhere for your foot to step on to leverage the handle-push motion, for the front wheels to go up & over curb. Again, we love britax… but are VERY DISAPOINTED with this buy & therefor do NOT reccommend this stroller. Sorry britax:( We liked the infant carrier (even though it’s on the larger side & a bit heavy) and will buy another forward facing seat when our son is ready… but you definately need to improve on this stroller (if you haven’t already).

3 Stars Dissappointing product from Britax
I have owned the Britax Red Mill Chaperone Stroller now for 7 months and I can really give a better review then when I first bought it. The Britax Chaperone is a attempt by Britax to enter the popular travel system market dominated by all their competitors.

I will try to stay completely objective on this review and hopefully that help those on the fence make a real informed decision.

First impressions:

When opening the box, the stroller feels quite impressive. The handlebars are soft to push, giving a slight gel like feeling, the wheels are smooth when pushing it and it feels really well constructed as it is solid. I love the red pattern and the matching car seat gives it an impressive look when fully assembled. Like others have mentioned, the adult cup holders are hvery elpful and the ability to move the handle bar position is great as I am much taller then my wife, so I left the bars up and she lowers the bars down.


If you test drive the stroller at the local baby store, you will absolutely fall in love immediately. The stroller is so smooth versus every competitor product out there. The basket is large and the stroller is easy to convert from stroller to travel system by lifting the seat back to expose the metal clips. The canopy is large and when used as a travel system, good system to keep the baby from the elements like sun, rain and wind as the two canopies from the stroller and the car seat overlap and provide good shelter.

Here is where the things go wrong.


Questionable durability designs. I am on my 4th stroller from Britax. I am glad the Britax Customer Service is so helpful as we have experienced many problems with this stroller.

1. The brake system is not fool proof. One day, we were out and we locked the stroller and it never unlocked. It was a real pain to carry the stroller and the baby back to the car because the brake system would not disengage. As you use the stroller more often, you will see sometimes, depressing the stroler brake will from time to time not completely disengage. Often, if you depress it again, it will free. However, for a $300 stroller, the fancy brake system needs to be bulletproof. THe locking system is fully enclosed, so no adjustments can be made to free the brake. If this happens to you, it can be quite frustrating to need to carry the stroller back to the car.

2. The front wheels fall off, alot. This is a known problem for the front wheels. the locking system for the front wheels are in a bad position where you can accidentally hit something to disengage the wheel and then the wheel will fall off. This happens most when trying to get the stroller out of the trunk. Hit the locking system bar and the wheel falls off. From my conversations with Britax, the locks are not strong enough to hold the wheel in place that the front wheels can fall off. Britax has retainer clips to help if you experience this alot. My car having a smaller trunk had this happen a few times and we had the retainer clips sent to us. It seemed to help.

3. The back wheels removable may fall off. If you accidentally push in the button on the wheel in the rears, the pin that holds the rear wheel may fall off. This may happen when closing the stroller and putting it back in the trunk. As you lift the stroller and put it in the trunk, if you put it in at an angle, you might accidentally release the rear wheel. Also, if you lock the wheels before putting the stroller in the trunk, the stroller shifting in the trunk might pop off the rear wheel. This happened to us. The button is too easy to accidently depress which means you have to be very careful when putting the stroller in the trunk and lifting it out. Since the stroller is so big, one time, my wife did not realize she lost the pin that holds the rear wheels and it popped out when traveling. Other strollers out there do not have removable wheels, so this is rarely ever a problem. I do not know if a removable rear wheel is a benefit or a problem. It seems like more of a problem then a benefit.

4. Hard to release the car seat from the stroller when baby is heavier. Since the car seat is so heavy, when your child gets to be about 20 pounds or so, it gets more and more difficult to release the car seat from the stroller without wrestling it. It also gets harder and harder to latch the car seat to the stroller due to the weight. THe release system, while thought to be a nice design, is very difficult to use when in practice. Sometimes you need to pull the release latch more then once or even use excessive force to unlock. When you are trying to left 30 plus pounds and you weigh 100 pounds, it is quite difficult. One would think that having a strong latch is good and I can agree with that, but it needs to be smooth when lifting the car seat out of the stroller. THe Britax is anything but smooth. More then one review has complained about this.

5. The basket does not lock. You will have things fall out. I think everyone who owns this will experience this at some point. It is way too easy to depress down when loading stuff into the basket. There should have been a button or a click lock system. This is a very poor design. More then one reviewer has complained about this as well.

In conclusion, this is one of the first products made in China by Britax and it shows. Shoddy workmanship, poor finishing quality, wheels that pop off accidentally and sticking release issues all plague this product. Would I purchase again? I am not sure. I love the adustable handle bars and that smoothness of the ride for my son, I hate the quality issues that have plagued this stoller and either it’s design flaws or construction flaws. We have had 3 replacements already from Britax in 7 months and each one of our issues was not unfamiliar to the customer service representative, which means others have experienced it as well. The stroller and car seat is heavy, and can be a real hindrance in smaller cars and I would say it looks like a $500 system but works like a $25 system, which means its like a sexy fast car that is always in the mechanic shop. There is no excuse on why I am on my 4th stroller in 7 months. My first child’s graco system never failed, never fell apart, never locked and refused to unlock,and just better in terms of usage and durability.

Maybe you will get a better experience then me, but to blindly think there are no issues with this stroller, you are only fooling yourself. My rating is the stroller gets 2 stars and Britax customer service gets 5 stars with a net 3 star review.

1 Star OY!
OK, so I went with the chaperone thinking that it is a britax, and their car seats are fantastic. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I will start from the bottom and work my way up…. Within a few WEEKS of owning it, the wheels started rusting and squeaking. I got my WD 40 and sprayed, the squeaking was gone, the rusting was not. The basket does not stay up. The whole stroller is very cumbersome, and where it was no big deal to take my son down the stairs in the carriage, with my previous stroller, here, it is really heavy, and klutzy. The way it folds, you need to lift the childs tray, and then pull the strap in the middle. The tray gets stuck, and sometimes I just dont fold it, cuz I can not fight with the stroller. The trimming is fraying, and I noticed that about 5 weeks into owning it. If u ask me, I would say STAY FAR FAR AWAY!! DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE. I am sure that this is a work in progress, so Britax will be working to improve their strollers but for now,, stick to the car seats,,,

(Just to qualify myself, I had a graco stroller from a travel system, that people thought was new, and I used it for both of my boys, they are 11 months apart, and it lasted great until I went to the mountains where it became moldy from the humidity.)

1 Star Looks Good but Doesn’t Live Up to Britax Standards
I’ve owned this stroller 6 months. I’ve owned a total of 12 strollers over the course of 9 years. Here is my opinion on this stroller and why you shouldn’t buy it.

First, after the first weekend owning the stroller, the brake broke. I called customer service after a few months to exchange it as not only the brake broke, but the lining in the basket separated, the wheels kept falling off, and the latch was sticking. I spoke with a woman named Helen in customer service. Helen would not take down my concerns about the stroller (her comment: We’re giving you a brand new stroller. What else do you want?) So here are my complaints:

Chaperone stroller design issues:

1. Bottom basket falls down even at a small bump and… items fall out. Other manuf. have a latch that opens and closes the bottom basket. That would be helpful. This drives me nuts every time I use the stroller. The bottom basket, while large, is useless because I can’t use it.

2. Front wheels fall off when I take the stroller out of my Town and Country. Perhaps a better latching system for front wheels.

3. Parent tray often falls off. Better latching system for tray.

4. Three point harness should be a five point. Children can still climb out of this one.

5. Cushions on the straps of the buckle. If I try to tighten them so my child doesn’t climb out, they are too tight around her neck and cause a red spot.

6. The stroller is hard to open and stay open. I often have to “throw” it open to get it to latch. I learned this the hard way when I thought it was latched, placed my daughter in the stroller, and it closed on her.

7. Locking mechanism when stroller is folded often sticks so it is very hard to open. I have to push pretty hard and have broken a few nails.

8. Cushion should be fully removable in case of accidents. You can only spot clean it.

9. The braking system is inherently flawed. My brake broke the first weekend we had the stroller.


I like the parent tray and the child tray. I like the pattern. I like that it is large and roomy.

3 vs. 9. Purchase with caution.

2 Stars Not fully functional
I bought this stroller when I purchased the chaparone infant car seat. Britax is suppose to be the the “go-to” people for car seats but they are not the go to people for strollers. It’s unfortunate, too, since I paid a lot of money for this stroller. The stroller arrived folded and it took me a while to find the “release” method to unfold the stroller. The “release” is the same color as the other parts. Perhaps if they could mold this “release” part a bright color to attract your eye’s attention. Next, I tried to figure out how the seat “locks” onto the stroller but it really doesn’t lock into place. I did not get that clicking sound to give me the warm and fuzzy feeling that the seat is secure. In fact, I could simply lift the seat right off the stroller. My previous stroller was Gracco brand and that product gave me the feeling that my child’s seat was secure. I had much more confidence in the Gracco than I do this Britax stroller. Finally, once you have the seat in place, the seat is not level as indicated by the bubble in the level device on the side of the seat. Of course, my child is angled down and spits up in the seat while I was strolling him. I had to place something between the stroller and the seat to level the seat. Overall, I’m quite disappointed with this stroller and am not thrilled to use it because I don’t perceive it to be secure. I have not used the seat of the stroller yet as my child is still less than two months old. However, as previously reviewed, there is virtually no cushioning on the seat back. Obviously, my insecurity with this stroller leads me to think just how safe is the seat? Britax sells a high end seat with a low end stroller? It just makes you wonder.

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Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller Blue

Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller Blue

Zoom 360 – Red

User Ratings and Reviews

4 Stars Great all terrain stroller!!!!!!!!! We love it
After doing so much research on which stroller I would get, we chose the Joovy zoom. My first choice was to get the Baby Jogger summit, but that was over $200 more than the Joovy and didn’t come with the rain cover, parent tray, tire pump, etc.

The sun canopy is amazing, it covers most of the baby and the window is big so we can look at our son when the canopy is in use. The tires are heavy duty. The swivel wheel is great for going in stores, etc. It’s a quiet ride as opposed to travel system strollers that make noises going over any gravel or pavement, etc. It’s a smooth ride! We can go on trails, on grass, etc, and it does great. I’ve jogged with it and it works wonderfully. The front wheel can either be locked or unlocked, with no problems. The storage compartment beneath the stroller is very large and carries my extra large diaper bag. The parent tray is great. And most importantly, it is very compact. When in use, the stroller seems reall big, I think mostly because it sits higher up than regular strollers do. But, when you fold it up (which is very easy to do), it’s very compact, fits into my sedan’s trunk.

The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it doesn’t come with a belly bar or a snack tray, and not only that you cannot order one for it. That was very frustrating, but we made do with buying a play arch and my son is occupied with that, even though he can’t put his feet up on it like he loves to do with the belly bar or snack tray. That, and there isn’t a whole lot of padding for the baby, but again we just made do and put a head supporter in it which adds some back/head padding.

Anyway, I would definitely recommend this stroller as opposed to the Bob or Baby Jogger. For the price, it’s an amazing stroller!

5 Stars Joovy Zoom
This is by far the best jogging stroller I have used. From the 360 rotation of the front wheel to the higher handle. It’s top notch. The stroller sits higher than any other jogging stroller that I have tried. Great storage and easy folding. Really doesn’t take up any more space than a regular stroller. It comes with all the bells and whistles (rain cover, pump, cup holder). Where as the higher priced competitors make you pay separately. Now, if they would just make a double for my future use.

4 Stars great buy
Stroller is very resistant, and easy/light to push around. The only thing is that it’s kind of big to carry when folded.

4 Stars Wonderful Stroller
I spent a really long time looking for a stroller to replace our old Graco travel system that took a beating for two years. It was the major source of transportation for our daughter besides our carriers and slings, so I needed something I thought would be durable. Anyhow, I knew I wanted a jogging stroller and looked at several before choosing to go with the Joovy. It steers like a dream (can walk/jog with one hand easily), it has a wicked smooth ride, my never-stay-still toddler loves sitting in it, and we’re able to take it up and down the various wooded trails in our town. I feel confident that it will continue to easily keep up with us and handle everything we need it for. It also stores well in our car (backseat and trunk) and apartment (where space is limited). While some may find that have to pop off the back wheels in order fit the stroller in a car, they come off very, very easily and are put on easily, too.

I also loved that it came with a great parent organizer that I can take off and throw in the wash and how the cup holders were more than deep enough to hold my bottled water very securely. And there is a ton of storage space beneath the stroller so I’m able to pick up a few groceries while we’re out and about.

The one thing I did NOT like were the assembly instructions. They were horrible. They were mostly written instructions (which were vague at best) with few diagrams (and bad ones at that) to give you a sense of what you were supposed to be doing. What’s more, it took me a little while to even find the instructions–they’re hidden in the basket that sits under the stroller, which is not readily accessible when you first open up the package everything comes in; I came across the instructions by chance, after struggling to figure out how to open the stroller to begin assembly (a detail that was in the instructions).

But, once I got the stroller together, everything was great and we’ve really enjoyed this product!!

5 Stars GREAT!
Did much research online for new jogging stroller and the highlights of the Joovy Zoom are that the swivel front wheel can be fixed into place for running. If you dont do this, the front wheel swivels. Also the HUGE canopey covers most of my 2 and half year old daughter, just her lower legs are exposed-PERFECT! The neoprene parents tray is durable and flexible to accomodate alot of stuff ( keys, sunglasses, 2 large coffee cups, etc!!) The best money spent for a jogging stroller!!!! I love it!!!!!!

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Kiddopotamus Elite Duomat 2 in 1 Car Seat Protector Mat

Kiddopotamus Elite Duomat 2 in 1 Car Seat Protector Mat

The Kiddopotamus Elite DuoMat Car Seat Mat is a 2-in-1 car seat that works with both infant seats and convertible car seats and boosters. An extra high back and ultra dense foam pads contour to your vehicle seat to protect it from dents and scratches, plus the ultra non-slip material on the front and back prevent the car seat from shifting. It is waterproof and wipes clean to prevent soiling and staining your car’s upholstery. Handy pockets give you extra storage space for essentials and an additional stabilizing wedge helps to secure it in place. Fold the back down for use with infant car seats – no need to worry about the mat falling over on baby. When baby is ready for a forward-facing car seat, just fold open so all of your upholstery is protected. It won the iParenting Media Award for its patent pending design!

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Nice idea
This is a great product! It fits nicely under the car seat and is non-slip so the seat is still really safe. It covers the whole area that the car seat touches the car (and I have a big car seat) and I am no longer concerned about my son’s car seat damaging my car. I definitely recommend this for anyone with a car seat (forward or rear facing) who doesn’t want any damage on their seats.

5 Stars Great Car Seat Protector
We were looking for a car seat protector to protect the back leather seats in our new car. We read that this one got great reviews and so far we agree with all of them. It’s thick enough so that when you really tighten your car seat so it won’t move, your seats are protected. And we liked this one because it was high enough to protect the back part of the seat – our old one was lower and thus our old car got permanent indentations near the head rest. Definitely a good buy for those looking to protect your seats.

4 Stars Good investment
This is actually my second one of these. As I have leather in all my vehicles, I was worried that the car seat would dig into the leather and cause permanent indentions. I found that because of its thick padding it really cuts down on leaving marks from the car seat. Although, no car seat protector will keep your vehicle free of indentions when the car seat is installed properly, this does a pretty good job. It has a handy pocket in the front to keep small items as well. Because it is a thick padding it can be somewhat difficult to install the car seat because it does not fold and give as much. However, if you do not remove the car seat often it is not a big deal. Also, to protect your vehicle it is a small price to pay. This is well worth the money.

2 Stars I didn’t get what I ordered
This ad is deceiving because when you order it you expect to receive a Kiddopotamus brand seat protector in the mail. This was not the case. I received a Summer Elite Duomat instead and later read here that Summer bought out Kiddopotamus. I am just not happy with getting a different brand product than the one I originally thought I was going to get… is it really the same product?

1 Star Damaged my seats more than any kid could
I got this for my brand new car, leather seats, to protect it from my two kids, one age five, the other two. They would occasionally drop some crackers or worst case scenario juice on the seat and I didn’t want all that getting ground into the seat and the crevices that I couldn’t vacuum out. What I didn’t expect was the sticky-seat side of the mat to melt into my leather seats and glue itself to the seat. After pulling it off there is still plastic residue all over the bottom of the seat and no cleaner I’ve tried will fix it. I’ve since taken a bath towel, cut it in half, and put each half under the seats.

Wait for a sale on bath towels and you can protect your seat for about $3 each, not whatever these cost now. Plus, you won’t ruin your brand new seats.

For those who will wonder, its a Ford Fusion, black paint, black leather, in Miami, FL, so yeah, its hot, but that should have been considered when this was developed. Since thrown away.

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