Safety 1st Aerolite Sports Travel System Eiffel Rose

Safety 1st Aerolite Sports Travel System Eiffel Rose

Safety 1st AeroLite Sport Travel SystemThe Safety 1st AeroLite Sport Travel System features the onBoard 35 Infant Car Seat that can hold a child rear-facing from 5-35 lbs!. There is an extra 17% leg room in the car seat, 5 point harness with up-front adjustment, and infant head support. This car seat features 4 harness heights and 3 buckle positions to fit your growing baby. The car seat is also equipped with side impact protection. The ultra compact 1-hand fold ‘n stand stroller has a large mul

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JJ Cole Collections Diaper Caddy Cocoa Stripe

JJ Cole Collections Diaper Caddy Cocoa Stripe

JJ Cole Diapers & Wipes Caddy The JJ Cole Diapers & Wipes Caddy is the perfect sized storage area. It provides ample storage space for diapers, wipes, lotions and other changing necessities. The caddy is lightweight and compact, perfect for travel with baby. An included changing pad means cleanliness even when on the go.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Great Buy
Incredibly handy and great for car trips to Grandma’s. This is the second one we own (one for each kiddo) and it has become my gift to give to new parents.

5 Stars love it
Got this as a gift and love it, use it everyday, several times a day. Would tell anyone to buy this. I have also bought 2 others to give as gifts for friends. LOVE, LOVE this! It is well built and when my child does not need it for diapers and wipes, It will make a cute little box for toys or for them to put things in or even cute decor in their room. The drawer on it looks small but it holds a lot more stuff than you would think. A must have for busy moms!

4 Stars Nice and convenient
Bought this for the bedroom for the middle of the night diaper changes. Works great, nice big mat, perfect fit for a large box of wipes. Plenty or room for diapers and the drawer is nice for vaseline, and little stuff. Drawer is a bit hard to pull in and out, but still is functional. Would recommend.

5 Stars perfect for public areas
We keep this in the den for quick changes. It hold everything, unpacks easily with one hand, and stores discreetly when not in use. It looks great with our modern decor and doesn’t scream “I have a baby!” when we have company.

4 Stars Very handy
I had a pile of diapers and a box of wipes in my living room by the pack n’ play we have up in there with the changing table. I wanted something to consolodate that so that it looked a tad bit nicer. This thing has been great for that purpose. I don’t use the drawer much, I saw in other reviews where people complain about it. It’s a little snug and hard to move, but I actually keep a wipes refill in there, so it doesn’t open and shut much.

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Safety 1st Jaunt Travel System Droplet

Safety 1st Jaunt Travel System Droplet

Safety 1st Jaunt Travel SystemThe Safety 1st JauntTM Travel System will get you and your little one around in comfort and style. The stroller features a handy parent tray with cup holder, covered storage and easy headphone cord access. The canopy with peek-a-boo window lets you keep an eye on your little one during your walks together. With the included infant car seat, transitioning from car to stroller and back again is easier on you and more pleasant for your baby.

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B b sounds Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor

B b sounds Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor

tions Rechargeable – Charging Bases included 8 Channels

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars AWESOME Product.
It let you sleep at night. this is a must have!

Great monitor for babies.

5 Stars Couldnt do without
I do not know how we would have lived without this. It tracks your babies breathing and alarms if the baby stops breathing or has been removed (which happens alot – you pick up the baby and forget to turn off the monitor). Still, it is very re-assuring that if the baby were to stop breathing, this would alert you.

Unless the baby moves off the sensor pad and the alarm goes off, giving you a heart attack. This is easily fixed by buying some pressboard from the local hardware store however.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is worrying about SIDS or alien abduction.

5 Stars The Best Baby Monitor Ever!
Before our baby was born, my wife and I were looking at baby monitors at different stores. I decided to check on Amazon to look at the reviews for the different brands. Most of the models sold in the usual stores had horrible reviews on Amazon. After reading things about loud static and short life-span, I saw the Bebesounds Angelcare monitor. The reviews on Amazon praised this model on sound quality. The Amazon description mentioned the movement sensor and the temperature display. Based on the reviews, I purchased it. I had my doubts when I opened it, but after our baby started sleeping in his crib, I realized that this model is worth the money. The sound is really clear. There isn’t the constant hum of static issuing from the speaker that I’ve heard in other brands. If you hold the speaker up to your ear, you can hear static, but when it is sitting on the table right next to my recliner, I don’t hear the static at all. This monitor has so many functions, which is nice because you can tailor it to suit your needs. It has an optional sound activation, so, for example, if there is a fan in the baby’s room, or air conditioner, or anything that creates noise, the sensitivity of the sound activation can be adjusted so that the system isn’t continually pushing white noise through the speaker and only activates for louder sounds, i.e. the sound of your baby crying, cooing or coughing. The volume of the speaker can easily be adjusted on the parents unit. Another nice feature is a level indicator for the intensity of your baby’s cries, so even if it us turned down, you can see the level increase from orange (low cries) to yellow (medium cries) to red (loud cries).

The motion detector works really well, too. At first, our baby would only sleep in his car seat, but after he grew out of that phase, the motion detector was nice. The sensor is placed underneath the mattress, directly under the spot where your baby sleeps, so that it detects his breathing. Our baby moves around now, but it still works. The sensitivity has to be adjusted on this, also. There are many functions for the motion detector. The monitor can be set to sound an alarm if it doesn’t detect motion for 20 seconds. (The alarm on the parents unit can be an audible alarm, or a vibration, or both.) The base also chirps when it doesn’t detect movement, which stimulates the baby, but doesn’t wake him/her up. The monitor can be set to make a ticking sound every time it detects motion. There is a pendulum icon on the display that moves back and forth when it detects motion.

Another feature I like about this is the temperature display. The large temperature display on the parents unit is nice, because you can easily see it from across the room. You can set high and low temperatures, and if the temperature in the baby’s room goes above or below these set points, an alarm goes off.

Another nice feature is that the parents unit can run off of included rechargeable batteries. While it is in its dock, it recharges and is powered by the electricity from the outlet. It’s nice to be able to take the unit with you, though, and not have to leave it plugged in. Another setting for the parents unit can sound an alarm if the unit gets out of range of the base. If it didn’t have an alarm for this, you could walk out of range without knowing, and without alarm, you wouldn’t know it because the speaker would have remained quiet.

All in all, this model is definitely worth the money. I think it would have been worth the price just for the sound quality. But with all the other features, I can sleep a lot easier knowing that if the room gets too hot or too cold, or if our baby stops breathing, I will instantly know.

5 Stars Keep an eye on your baby
If your worried about how your baby is doing while he/she sleeps, this is an awsome way to make sure they are ok, without haveing the staker parent syndrom lol. Im a new parent and I want to watch my daughter 24/7. This monitor keeps track of the temperature in the room, the sound, and most IMPORTANTLY if your baby is moving. If they stop moving YOU WILL KNOW. SIDS is such a scare for any parent, this product lets you know if they stop moving/breathing. BUY IT you will sleep better knowing your new baby is being monitored.

I’m a first time mom and this is a must have product. I’ve used it for about 3 months, as long as he’s been sleeping his crib and it gives me such peace of mind. If I didn’t have the movement sensor he’d probably be sleeping in our room til he was 30, lol. The alarm went off for the first time last night and when I went in his room he was rolled over and stuffed up against the bumper. I was SO thankful for this monitor because I don’t even want to know what would have happened otherwise.

The monitors stay charged forever. If I leave one off the rack for a night (8-10 hours) it still has half a battery left. The only thing that is annoying is the light on the monitor is really bright but i just throw a shirt or something over it. The nightlight feature is great too. Ive used that every night for 5 months and it still glows. I know I read on here about people having false alarms when I bought this and that has never happened to me. I have it set on the factory setting. You can turn the sensitivity up or down if you have problems with false alarms. Oh, and if the alarm DOES go off, it also sounds out of the unit in the baby’s room to startle him.

I just love this product and I really think this is a must have for a mother.

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Kinderkord Child Safety Restraint System

Kinderkord Child Safety Restraint System

If you’re a parent of small children, twins or even triplets, you’re going to love the new KinderKord safety wrist bands from Joan Lunden.

Children love to explore and test their boundaries. Here’s a great new safety product that you will love and your kids will wear!

The KinderKord is a hands-free, wrist to wrist connection for you and your child. If you have more than one child, no problem, you can attach several wrist cords to each parent wrist band.

Each KinderKord package includes a set of nylon web wrist bands, one for the adult and one for the child. Wristbands are made of durable nylon webbing and attach with Velcro for easy sizing.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Perfect for Disneyland!
We have 4 children and just took a trip to Disneyland.

Two years ago we traveled to an amusement park and had one of our children disappear in the blink of an eye. The 10 minutes it took to locate our son among a sea of people seemed like an eternity filled with panic and unpleasant thoughts.

We wanted our trip to the “happiest place on earth” to be enjoyable for us as parents as well as for our children. We researched on-line through many options including the new high tech child locators. They were very expensive with very mixed reviews. The Kinderkord seemed like the right solution at the right price, even though it too had mixed reviews.

Our experience with the Kinderkord product was wonderful! It allowed our children to have their freedom while at the same time having a connection to their parent. We didn’t have to hold hands all day long and get those sweaty gross palms that result. We found them invaluable at Disney’s California parks and don’t know how we would have survived without them. It seemed as though everywhere we went we found people with small children looking at our Kinderkord wristbands and commenting on them. They all said that is just what they needed.

Of course, there is no substitute for parental supervision. This is just a great tool that helps with it -especially when you are outnumbered 2 to 1 (children to parents) like we are.

5 Stars Best thing I could have ever done!!!!!!!!
Oh my goodness…I cannot say enough about this product. First of all i read a review when i purchased that almost prevented me from buying….the review said the clips were so easy to unfasten her child did it. Her kid must have been a magician because i struggled with unlatching at times. We took a trip to Disney world with our 3 year old and it was the best thing I did in prep for a vacation in a crowded area. We put the wrist bands on and never once were bothered. Just leave the wrist bands on and unclip for quick separations like bathroom runs, eating. So many time my little boy tried to dart away from us but he never got more than a few feet away thanks to this product. I would recommend this to anyone with kids who are going to theme parks, flea markets, parades….I will use this everytime we go to a crowded place. This product was too convenient not to use and risk losing a precious child. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars Amazing help for us !!
We are having a really busy summer, our son is a SUPER ACTIVE 2.5 years old he is always running around everywhere, i already lost him once in a shopping mall and after that i promess myself i would try any single product in the market before this happen to us again.

i own other harness but this have worked amazing for us because is not strap to the chest, is not hot in the summer and i can sit him right next to me and transfer him to the stroller without worring for taking it off because he has a stuffed toy on his back.

was a life saver during our trip to WDW resort and sea world in Fl.

He tried to took it off once but was the only time, off course i had to keep an eye on him all the time in case he would try again, but for me knowing he was walking right next besides me when he was tired of the stroller without chasing him all the time was wonderful.

Thank You kinderkord, i would recommend this product to anyone but yet keep in mind probably is meant for older children or children that is good to listen and won’t pull the velcro off to run away.

One of my friends ask me to lend it to her for her last trip because she said it worked wonders for her too, her boy is also very active and she was able to control him next to her and look after her baby in a busy place, so with this i may say i does worked for us definetely.

1 Star Purchase at your peril
I bought this explicitly for my three-year old daughter’s safety who was flying with my wife out of state and would be spending significant time in a busy airport. At the airport, leashed to my wife, my three-year old daughter tugged and the cord broke. I’m not surprised because the cord seemed so terribly thin, like string. The product was useless to keep my daughter close and to deter her abduction.

I would highly recommend that you not purchase this product. It is unreliable and parents need something that they know that they know is reliable. I’m in the hunt for a better product now, and I don’t care if it’s a dog leash, if that’s the only thing that will keep her close and safe.

2 Stars Limited Use
I was disappointed by this product for 2 reasons:

First, the adult wristband is small – my husband cannot use it.

Second, the reach is really limited. Seems that it is not more than 2 feet.

I put it on my daughter and she hates it. Though it looks good and is less conspicuous than a leash, I will have to find a leash.

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