Cosco Scenera Convertible Car Seat Triton

Cosco Scenera Convertible Car Seat Triton

Cosco Scenera Convertible Car SeatKeep your children safe and secure with this durable Scenera Convertible Car Seat by Cosco. This covertible car seat can be used as rear-facing from 5-35 lbs. and forward-facing from 22-40 lbs. The Scenera features a 5-point harness with an up-front harness adjustment to keep your child secure. The four harness heights allow for a snug and secure fit and the 2-position recline offers comfort. This car seat boasts a removable cup holder and a removable/washable s

User Ratings and Reviews

2 Stars Not For Smaller Cars (Rear Facing)
We bought 2 of these seats for our twins for our secondary vehicle. We have Evenflo Triumph Advance DLX seats in our primary family car (2008 RAV4) and are incredibly happy with them. We just couldn’t justify the expense of having a second set in a car the twins won’t travel in very often at all. Needless to say we were happy to see that these were inexpensive and rated highly for safety. Due to recent research, we intend to keep our seats rear-facing for as long as possible.

Please note that these seats only have two positions! This is the key that makes them unsuitable for rear-facing in a small car. They recline so far in rear-facing position that they will not fit without the driver’s seat being pushed too far forward. The intended car is a 2010 Kia SOUL. Since it’s a brand new model, most people aren’t familiar with how much room is packed in this small car. I am 6’2″ tall and, with the driver’s seat all the way back, can sit behind it and still not have my knees touch the back of the seat. It’s very roomy for a small car. I was able to install our Evenflo seats in the SOUL and put the driver’s seat back all but about half an inch.

We didn’t have an opportunity to test the seats forward-facing. I will say that readying the seats for installation was certainly more difficult than the Evenflo Triumph, but that was to be expected at this price point. Once to that point, installing the seats in the car wouldn’t have been much more difficult since we have LATCH in both vehicles.

Ultimately, since we need the second set of seats and haven’t found another quality, inexpensive seat, we’re finding the money to purchas the LX version of the Triumph Advance seats.

4 Stars Good value, great for airplanes.
We have twins and needed a smaller car seat for several upcoming plane trips. We bought these just for traveling and they do great. They are light weight, durable and small enough to fit in airplane seats, even the smaller puddle jumper planes. We’ve only used them a few times but have had no problems and it was cheaper for us to buy these seats than rent upon arrival in our destination city.

5 Stars SAFE!
I bought two of these for a friend of mine who I babysit for frequently. I wanted SAFE so I instantly thought “Britax”. Not the case! I was thrilled to find these at the TOP of the list for safety ratings at Consumer Reports. I am thrilled to report that although these do not come with all the bells and whistles, they are indeed everything they claim to be. I love them and most of all, the children are safe and comfortable!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

4 Stars nice, inexpensive car seat
Both sets of grandparents purchased this car seat, so that they could take my daughter places. I have the Britax Roundabout, which is a lot cushier and looks a lot more comfortable, but I’m not sure that it was worth the extra $150. We need another car seat for my husband’s car and I think we will buy another Cosco. It truly is a bare bones car seat, but do the kids really care? As long as the safety rating is good, which I have been told it is, I am all for it!

3 Stars Good seat for value but it does have some faults
I bought this seat for my parents who live out of state. We usually fly to see them and this way I would not have to carry a car seat with us on the plane. However, we maybe visit a total of three times a year so I wanted something safe but wouldn’t break the bank. The seat itself is fine – I read the reviews and the safety ratings were good. The only thing I would change is that back of the seat is very erected. My son was 3-1/2 months when he first used it and I think we needed to get him something for his head and neck because he feel asleep all crunched over which to me did not look too comfortable. That is basically the only problem. Like I said we are only using it a few times a year and I think it was well worth the money. I am sure he will grow into the seat!

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Prince Lionheart Two Stage Seat Saver Black

Prince Lionheart Two Stage Seat Saver Black

This Seatsaver has two stages that grow with your child!

Stage 1: Bottom tray is used alone with rear facing infant seats.

Stage 2: Back attaches to the bottom tray for use with forward facing toddler and booster car seats.

Its high-density foam construction prevents depression damage that is caused by car seats. The bottom tray keeps all cars seats level and in proper position, and the kick plate protects upholstery from shoe scuffs. Works with all LATCH compatible car seat systems and fits all automobiles.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Very useful
I have 3 of these and sometimes, when I go to clean it, I think “if I didn’t have this, all this junk would be on my seat!”

5 Stars Much more than I had expected!
I bought this seat saver because after having a car seat for FOUR years on my leather seats, my seats needed a serious break. I love it. I read some of the reviews on on AMAZON before buying this and all I can say is it does wonders. It does not skid, it catches messes, and more importantly- IT HELPS THE CAR SEAT SIT UPRIGHT AND SECURE.

1 Star Colors Bleed
After installing the product, I found a small slip of paper in the packaging informing me that the colors may bleed and damage my seats if the internal temperature of the car exceeds 100F. A car parked outside during the summer will most definetly exceed this temperature limit. What’s the point of buying a seat protector if they are going to damage your seat?!!!

4 Stars Not recommended for use with infant car seat by my car seat safety inspector in Massachusetts.
I bought this to place under Graco Snugride infant car seat. The quality of the product is very good (that is why I did not want to rate it low). But my car seat inspector (who was a police officer with more experience in installing and inspecting car seats than any sales rep of car seats) said that this is not safe. According to the officer, as a rule of thumb, anything that did not come with the car seat, should not be used. The officer said, in case there are problems in getting the seat stay in place (which was not the case for me) they recommended using a thin shelf liner. I returned this product after the inspection as the officer said that “it is not recommended to use anything other than what comes with the seat as it might not be crash tested”.

5 Stars LOVE IT
this is a great seat saver. i have 3. one for each car seat. it catches all the junk that my son drops or spills, even juice. it really protects the leather and is a must own if you let your kids eat and drink in your car.

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Britax Marathon 65 Convertible Car Seat Onyx

Britax Marathon 65 Convertible Car Seat Onyx

Britax marathon convertible car seat keeps little ones safe and comfortable during trips with this quality car seat that can be adjusted to two positions, rear and forward-facing depending on your child’s development. This features rear-facing position holds up to 33 pounds, forward-facing holds up to 65 pounds, patented versa-tether, comfortably fits larger and older children. These are removable, washable fabric cover. Patented Harness Ultra Guard System with belly pad for comfort and protection. Also built-in lock-offs. Sculpted base for a perfect fit. Flexible buckle latch system. Comfort foam and EPS protective foam. Tangle-free polyester 5-point harness. Belt holders keep belts aside for boarding. One hand recline adjustment.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars PERFECTION!!! Pure perfection!
This carseat is PERFECTION…and this coming from a very picky shopper! I first purchased Costco’s current name-brand carseat and after an hour (not counting the 45 minutes it took to read AND understand the manual) of trying to safely and accurately install it in my car in 90 degree weather boxed the beast back up and decided although my husband is a full-time student I was willing to pay the extra money to purchase a carseat that was EASY to install and had high marks for safety. This is what I found and it was glorious to install!!! Total perfection and perfect ease!! A parent, with me in mind, definitely created this carseat! Not only was it a breeze to install with “actual” photos (as opposed to sketches of who knows what with other carseat brands) of each specific step, there is storage for extra tether straps and unused straps on the carseat itself, so when you aren’t using the straps you won’t have to remember where you stored them, and wonder if you’ll ever find them again because they are neatly tucked away in their own designated area on the actual carseat and carseat cover!! When it comes time to tighten/cinch down the straps with the Britax LATCH system you will think you are in paradise. No more pulling the strap(s) at unhumanly possible angles in order to come up with the most minimal amount of give simply to realize it’s not tight enough (all of you who have had to install any other carseat other than a BRITAX Marathon know what I am talking about) because the Britax design is perfect. Cinching the LATCH belt is as easy as it should be, the LATCH itself audibly “clicks” in place, so you know it’s secure. Uninstalling, a cinch as well. Heck, I unistalled and installed it three times just to hear myself giggle knowing I had found the perfect, THE PERFECT CARSEAT TO INSTALL!!! …”Ahhh” you make take a breath of fresh air, sit back and relax, because your desperate search for the perfect carseat is over. The Britax Marathon is a dream and definitely worth every penny…plus have you seen all their cute cover designs…fabulous!!

5 Stars BEST convertible car seat ever!!!
Well first off I was told Britax is the best in car seats…period. So i decided i would look it up and find the seat which is right for my needs. The Marathon hit it on the button.


– although ive never actually sat in it, it feels very comfortable. The padding is soft and durable. Easy to take off for cleaning too!

– relatively easy to strap into the vehicle.

– shoulder straps are wide and durable.

– the seat cover is one piece so you dont have multiple pieces of the cover “flying” around when trying to strap the child in.

– there is velcro to keep the shoulder straps to the side while buckling the child in.

– there is a fabric shield for between the legs to keep the buckle from touching or pinching when buckled.


– little pricey (but well worth the price!!!)

– its somewhat a big seat when rear facing

but all in all this is the best car seat i have owned!

5 Stars Owned for 5yrs and adding 2 more seats to car
Received first Britax Marathon when our first child was born. Bought a second one so that pick-up/drop-off wasn’t delegated to one parent.

After 4 years of use, daughter outgrew it. We kept the Marathon for use with our twins. Just purchased two more so that makes 4 total.

Shows no wear or tear on them at all. Hardest part is taking seat cover off to wash/dry occasionally.

Will not purchase any other brand!!!

5 Stars Britax Love!
Love our Britax!! It’s the first one we’ve bought and will NEVER purchase another brand!!!

5 Stars Great car seat
Our kid’s both have these now and they work great. Very high safety rating makes Mom and I feel good, they are easy to use and look pretty nice too.

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Ergo Baby Carrier Camel

Ergo Baby Carrier Camel

The ERGO Baby Carrier’s ergonomic design supports a correct sitting position for the baby’s hip, pelvis and spine growth. Made of 14 ounce cotton canvas with 400 threads per inch cotton poplin lining and hood. 100% cotton batting in body of carrier to soften edges. Includes one inch, high density foam in shoulder straps and quarter inch high density neoprene foam in waist belt. Sleeping hood adjusts in length to growth of baby. National Molding buckles tested up to 235 pounds.Fits from 5′ to 6.5′ body height with adjustable shoulder and chest straps and waist belt circumference from 25″ to 43″.

User Ratings and Reviews

1 Star Anything but ‘ergo’
I have never felt the need to review anything in the past, but I feel this product is terribly over-rated. As an avid backpacker I am well used to carrying 40 plus pounds for many miles a day for a week at a time, and understand the importance of a balanced pack that fits well and distributes the load correctly. No matter how much I adjust it, the Ergo just doesn’t work for me. It has a nice wide hip belt, but unfortunately because the shoulder straps re-attach to the pack too high up toward your armpit, baby’s weight sits not on the belt, but almost entirely on the point of your shoulder, which in the forward carrying position pulls your shoulders forward. In addition the pack is a full 13.5 inches wide at the bottom where baby sits, requiring the poor child to split her legs straight out sideways to get into the carrier, which my 4 month old finds unbearable. The infant insert deals with this by providing a little cushion for baby to sit on, however now the legs face forward straight into your just-had-a-baby sized tummy where they get squashed once the pack is done up. Its also very, very hot for baby and wearer alike, and I find it awkward to get baby in and out of safely – one clip is located directly between your shoulder blades! I tried my best to love it for a full 4 months, but it just doesn’t work for me, my husband or my baby who screams every time I put her in it. I now have a BabyBjorn model with extra back support which we are thrilled with.

2 Stars Disappointed
I borrowed one from a friend before laying out the dough for this carrier, and I’m sure glad I did. The Ergo did NOT work for us. My 9-month-old, 23-pound DD hated being smushed against my back. I found it uncomfortable to wear, even after many attempts to adjust the straps (plus it squished my chest in VERY unflattering ways — not great for a still-nursing mommy). I found I had to take her out after 20 minutes of wear, and that certainly won’t make this carrier last through a zoo trip or anything else. We’re now shopping for a baby backpack with a proper frame.

4 Stars Near perfect for extended wearing
From word of mouth and what I’ve seen, I bought the Ergo because of it’s great reputation for comfort during extended wearing sessions.

It DOESN’T fail to deliver.

I started wearing baby at about 3 weeks (he’s now 13 weeks) and this has allowed for so much mobility while he’s napping on me or simply wants to hang out on mamma.

In the beginning (and I’ve seen this with other users) I did NOT snug the straps properly and sometimes felt strains on my back…but once I realized what I was doing and corrected it, I had now problems.

I’ve worn him for up to 3-5hour stretches and feel as good as should be expected given I’m carrying a baby on the outside.

We ordered the Camel color because we’ll be using this tons during the summer and didn’t want the added ‘heat’ issue of having a black exterior. It does show spots a bit more, but that shouldn’t be an issue given baby poop, food, and spit up are on everything anyway.

I do wish they had a better way of keeping the hood secure…the pocket only goes so far. Also, it might be better to have pockets on the waist strap rather than right behind baby’s back.

Finally, be aware that the ends of the buckle straps are folded in under elastic bands when you receive this item. Make sure you fold them out all the way. I made the mistake of not doing that, so ordered the extension. After that, I realized I already had the extra two inches I needed.

Overall, great product.

5 Stars The best carrier you can get
My daughter has tried many carriers and she says this is the best, it’s very comfortable and easy to wear and my 3 month old grandaughter loved it.

5 Stars Ergo Carrier
I haven’t used it much but it works great. I don’t feel the strain on my back like with other carriers. My 8 month old son even falls asleep in it if we are taking him for a walk which he doesn’t do in strollers. I have only used it on the front – have not tried the back or side carry.

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