Ultrasonic Portable Humidifier System

Ultrasonic Portable Humidifier System

Battling dry air in the desert or during low humidity months (like in the winter) can be a real challenge. Keeping the common cold at bay is tough, but using humidity to keep nasal passages moist offers relief to many.

Utilizing ultrasonic cool misting, you breathe easier and sleep comfortably. Take moisture-balanced air wherever you go: to the home, office or while traveling.

Just fill up the supplied standard PET bottle with water, or screw in your favorite mineral water bottle for instant relief!

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars TOO COOL!
It was a gift for someone who has to travel a LOT. He complained that hotel rooms are always very dry. He said this product really works well, he loves it.

1 Star Don’t.
Don’t buy this. It sent out a bit of vapor for about 35 seconds, now absolutely nothing.

Tried different water, different water bottles. An absolute waste. Maybe the other person

who gave it 5 stars got lucky, I don’t know. Junk.

5 Stars awesome work horse
I use this every night because it is the only thing that will fit and it is GREAT! I love it. I have used it for 6 months now and it helps me breath better. The water last all night and the night light is just right for my small space. I love that it uses water bottles and I never have to deal with filters or mold. I am packing it up and taking it with me this month for a trip and I know it will be awesome.

1 Star JUNK
Used this one night and it stopped working…emailed seller Transaction Holdings LLC NO REPLY!!!! emailed company no reply…Save your money…

4 Stars Great for travel
I was heading to Jo’burg, South Africa where the humidity is very low during the winter. I knew I was going to need some humidity in the hotel, but didn’t want to lug a traditional humidifier down there. This little guy did well. I bought a very large water bottle (1 liter) and used the adapter which was included. Plugged it in and it ran for several hours. I’m not certain if it really increased the humidity of the entire room, but just in the area around me was well humidified. It was a cold mist, and pretty quiet. The only annoyance was the light. Otherwise, the gurgle from the water bottle emptying wasn’t too bad. It was great to fit in my suitcase. Not too heavy, not too difficult to use. Overall a great little device to have on hand.

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