Baby Clear Cut Nail Clipper Pigeon new yellow color Made in Japan

Baby Clear Cut Nail Clipper Pigeon new yellow color Made in Japan

You are getting the new yellow color baby nail clipper. It is easy to use and great for baby and kids.

(Pigeon is a renowned Japanese company producing high quality baby products. Selling in over 50 countries and for nearly 50 years, the company has earned a reputation for safety and reliability around the world.) 100% Made in Japan.

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User Ratings and Reviews

3 Stars nothing special
I think I paid too much for a nail clipper that doesn’t seem to be anything special.

5 Stars Still working great but is nail clipping ever easy?
Trimming your babies nails is never easy of course. BWe tried several other clippers and these just seem to work the best. Each snip always cuts through the nail where others seem to leave part of it hanging. It’s easy to grip and we’ve yet to have a clipping accident with it. Still nice and sharp after 6+ months and working great.

4 Stars sharp, makes nail-cutting as easy as can be
it’s just a regular nail-cutter, but baby-sized and then it widens out for adult-sized thumbs. it does not take out the difficulties of baby nail-cutting in general, but it is better than using regular nail clippers.

4 Stars Works well
I’ve been using this since my baby was a week old. It works very well on cutting his tiny nails. My only complain is it’s too expensive!

5 Stars Best for baby
This is the best nail clipper ever for a baby which can be used from newborn onwards. It works for first-time mothers who fear hurting their baby’s tiny fingers.

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