Car Seat Safety

Types of Car Seats:

  • Infant Car Seat – Safe, convenient, and compatible with travel systems.  Rear-facing position for your baby improves safety, while the handle and light weight make it easy to take the baby in and out.  Depending on the manufacturer, these seats will hold a baby up to 32 lbs, unless they grow too long, of course.
  • Toddler Car Seat – Toddler car seats are the next size up, obviously.  The features range greatly.  Some are forward and rear-facing, called Convertible Car Seats, while others are forward only.  I recommend looking for a convertible car seat that has thick padding on the sides, especially around the head.  For best child safety, get one that goes up to the highest weight limit, around 80 lbs, so as to keep you child in a 5-point restraining system for as long as possible because it is the safest they will ever be in a car.  We went with the Britax Boulevard Click and Safe Car Seat
    because it meets all of these safety criteria and is simply the most comfortable seat our child sat in – as evidenced by his complete lack of screaming and protest.
  • Booster Car Seat – These car seats raise your child up to a safe level in order to use your car’s built in shoulder seat belt.  Positioned forward-facing in the back seat, kids should use these seats at least until age four, and as long as they are still below the height and weight limit specified by the manufacturer of the seat.

More info at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

4 Easy Steps to Protect our Children

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